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arrow_rest: a red quiver with some arrows and part of a recurve bow (Quiver and bow)

Arrow Rest

A place for anyone interested in archery

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Name:Arrow Rest: A place for anyone interested in arche
Location:New Zealand
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:A place to discuss all aspects of archery, share info and answer questions
This is an international community about archery. You don't have to be able to shoot to join, we welcome the curious as well as the hard-core shooter. There aren't many rules and hopefully we can keep this community relatively rule-free but I will add them if and as needed.

Rules I am spelling these out but hope that they are common-sense enough to not have to enforce them.

-No Spam. It's ok to post to say "I really like the service/equipment I got from this shop". It's not ok to post links to non-archery-related sites. If you have a shop that sells archery gear you are welcome to post one link to it a month (the mod has the right to delete any excessive links and yes, I get to decide what's "excessive"---that will be contingent on if there are any complaints).

-Keep it "on topic". Posts can be about anything archery-related. Post info on your local club shoot (remember to include your country, we are international here), talk about your gear, ask questions, post trophies....

-Please put any image-heavy or long text posts behind a cut. I don't hunt and don't have a problem if you do. No cruelty-links (ie--Youtube videos expressly showing an animal being tortured) and anything too bloody please put behind a cut (ie--you can post a how-to with an image on dressing your game but behind a cut please). From the FAQs: "In the HTML Editor, type (replace * with the <> marks) *cut* before the text you want to hide under a cut, then */cut* when you want your text to appear on the page as normal. You can add text to the link by typing *cut text="link text here"*. In the Rich Text Editor, highlight the text you want to appear behind a cut then click the Cut button. A pop-up box will appear so you can add your own text to the link."

-Respect each other and play nice. You might love traditional bows, you might hate hunting, you might think your Hoyt is the Best Bow Ever Made but that doesn't give you the right to get into a snark-fest over it. Discussion and polite debate are fine. Name-calling and put-downs aren't.

-I'm fairly laid back but won't put up with trolls, spammers or anyone here just to create trouble. I reserve the right to delete or screen entries or comments if they break any of these rules. I prefer to not resort to it, but have been in enough LJ communities to know that sometimes people won't play nice. If you won't play nice I will ban you.

-If you need to contact me ([personal profile] red_trillium) or want to ask any questions about the comm please send me a private message.

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3d, archery, armguards, arrows, barebow, bows, competition, compound bows, crossbow, fita, how-to, hunting, long bows, outdoors, quivers, recurve bows, release aids, sca, self bows, sights, sports, tabs and gloves, target, traditional archery
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