Apr. 15th, 2017 08:08 am
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I was just wondering if there is still anyone around on this community? I took up archery in January this year (recurve bow) and would love to chat with other archers on DW about all things archery! 

New Toy

Oct. 6th, 2010 11:59 am
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I got a new toy for my birthday!


Sunday I went out and shot it for the first time (making 3 times shooting at all). I shoot with the SCA and I don't know how much their rules have in common with standard rules, but I shot for a score for the first time. I even managed to hit the target at 40 yards once (I've never shot more than 20 yards before in my life and it's only a 28lb bow so I wasn't making it to the target much). At any rate I scored right in the middle of novice with a high score of 13 and average score of 11.5.

Anyway here's my best attempt at a speed round: I'm the wooden arrows with brown and yellow feathers.


I only got off four arrows in 30 seconds, but, at least I hit the hay barrel with all of them, and the target with three! No chasing arrows for me that time (for once).
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It's been awhile since our last post. What is everyone up to? We're going into spring here. If we can get the rain to stop I might even get out to the range.

I haven't been shooting long enough to have developed any rituals or exercises yet. I know I need to check over my gear, check my string and my arrows.

Maybe I'll get back to using my exercise device thingie too. I've been a bit of a lazy bugger this winter.

I should coat my leather shoes with waterproofing, maybe apply some to my quiver and pouch.

What do you do at season's turn? Do you have any autumn/winter maintenance? Any spring/summer exercises to get back into shape? I'd love to hear what others do.

If you don't have any maintenance or exercises you do, have you bought any gear? Has anything caught your eye recently? Any cool archery links, videos, articles??
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I shoot a GreatTree Mohigan bow, currently at 30 pound draw. I love the riser, the curves of the wood and the way it is laminated. Here are a couple of artistic shots of my "baby". What about you? Do you have any shots of your favourite gear? Or feel free to post links of gear you are currently drooling over.

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It's been awhile. I've been to the range sporadically, I'm doing ok there but haven't been in about 6 weeks. :(

I've been thinking about maybe getting new limbs for my takedown recurve. I'm at a 30 pound draw but I've gotten used to it and built up some muscles so think I can go up. And that is one of the joys of having a take-down, I can switch out the limbs when it's time to change my draw. It should save me a bit of money (instead of paying for a whole new bow), although I should probably get it tuned again so it's all fit to the new weight.

And I still drool over this bow, sigh!

I've got archery-related picts to share but it's late.
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When I took my shooting lessons I was told that anyone of any fitness level could shoot a bow, and our club has people of all ages and even at least one member with a cane.

But I never thought about blind archerers. There are a couple on YouTube that I've seen already but want to be able to go through and pick them out and transcribe them. There's an interesting one from Haiwei that has a voice-over on how he is able to set up his shots. For now, check this one out of Haiwei (it's the clipped end of the voiceover one but I do want to transcribe it so I can post it):

It would be nice to see clubs encourage more blind archerers.

>>Transcription: mostly just bird songs but at the end a voiceover that says "excellent....excellent shooting"<<.
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The holidays are over & it's prime shooting season here! Have any of you made any shooting-realted resolutions? Did you get any gear for Christmas? Got anything on your wishlist?

I'm not a firm "resolutions" guy but do want to get out and get more shooting this year (and I've failed at that already with 2 long weekends that I didn't go shooting on). And I'd like to look at working on increasing my strength. I bought something to help with that about mid last year, but have used it sporadically. I'd like to use it at least weekly to build up my strength.

I didn't get any gear. I want to get some more arrows and have wanted to use a little bit left from our shares from that but haven't gone to the shop yet to do it. Now that the holidays are done I should be able to.
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I don't think I've ever posted a pict of my quiver. I've gotten complements on it the last couple of times I've been to the club. I got it here in NZ, at Advanced Archery. It had an open bottom, supposedly so you could pull arrows out that way easily.

I found it just made me look like the amature I was when I'd put the arrows into the quiver after retrieving them, only to have them fall out the bottom. Comedic yes. Not so good for my morale or the arrows.

Pict of the original quiver, with my modifications after the cut.

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I picked up a new arm gaurd a couple months ago. I really liked the one I'd picked up from a local rennaisance faire but it was thin. I whacked myself a really bad one with the string and had a bruise for a couple weeks. The new, thicker arm guard won't stop the pain or bruising but it will make it less painful than the thin one. I switched out the elastic for leather shoe laces and it looks cool with the bone 'buttons'.

The good thing is that it got me to pull my head in and try to figure out exactly what the heck I've been doing wrong. The occassional arm slap isn't too bad but coupled with my arrows pulling to the left I knew my form was off and couldn't figure out why. I did some reading and realised I was holding the bow wrong, holding it in a way that was putting the string in the wrong place. And I was dropping my shoulder, enough to push my forearm in the way of the string.

Those were bad enough but I was also having problems adjusting my sight. I would get it dialed in at 10 yards but anything after that wouldn't work. I'd shoot too low no matter how I adjusted the sight after that.

So today decided to pull the sight off and see how it went. I only pulled the bit with cross hairs off initially, that way it would be easy to put it back on. I did pretty well. I didn't always hit the critter but I hit the target at least at 5 yards. I went the whole-hog after a few shots and pulled the full rocker off. And I still did better without the sight at 10 and 25 yards than I'd done with it. I only had one arrow not hit a bale in about 45 arrows, as opposed to 3 or 4 missing the bales when I was using it.

I've seen a few other recurve archerers when I've been practicing and they were shooting bare bow as well. It will take a little while to get used to shooting that way but it's working better than with the sight so shouldn't take too long. I can pick up some books and videos on gap shooting if I have problems.

Happy shooting!
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I'm on an LJ community, Ye_Olde_Archery, and a recent post (with picts!) there linked to Paleoplanet. It's an interesting site if you're into ancient/traditional skills and stuff. There's a lot of stuff in the forums from archery to flint knapping to tanning to food and shelter. Take a poke around!

And for those in Pasadena, there's a traditional archery group that meets on the third Sunday monthly (unless there's a festival or something). You can go along and meet people into knapping, archery and even check out atlatls! There's more info in the Paleoplanet link under the traditional archery section.
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I'm waking up. I am going to jump in the shower and the zoom off to go shooting in a bit, gorgeous day out.

Was checking emails while eating breakfast and saw an email from Three Rivers Archery that I'm on the mailing list for. It advertised certain arrowheads for hunting & had 3 guys' pictures with their kills. I'm not big on hunting but don't have a problem if people who hunt use their kills and don't just trophy hunt and waste it.

The last pict was a guy and his kill. A buffalo. He took down a buffalo with a recurve bow. Not a compound bow. Wow! And part of me thinks "well of course, that is how the Native Americans hunted them". I'm still impressed!
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Since it's been a bit quiet here I thought I'd post a couple links to our local club. This is from the Massey Archery Club site. Our practice range looks a little different now, it has a concrete pad, the bales are on proper plastic pallets (which have eaten my nocks when I hit them!) and look a bit different.

Club practice range

And for those of you who don't know what field shooting is like, here are some picts of our course. Some of this is the same or similar, from what I remember when my training walk through. I haven't been on it to shoot yet, still trying to adjust my sight. field course.

We've got a shoot coming up in August, I won't be up to speed for it but maybe this time next year.
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I'm back from a 2 week vacation and we're moving into winter. I still haven't picked up the bands nor the exercise item I posted about in my last entry here. I've been debating which one to go for, pay a bit (or quite a bit?) less and get the bands just to use for stretching & maintainig my drawing muscles or break down and order the thing with the fake handle. My biggest concern is that at least that one I'll be able to better figure out what draw weight I'm practicing, easier than with just getting the bands so I'm leaning towards that maybe after I'd paid a bit down on my cards since I used them for our trip.

Other than that, going into winter here. Any suggestions for staying in shape or building shape during cold and wet days? I went to the club today and didn't do a lot of shooting but am feeling it.

And for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, anyone have any shoots coming up they want to advertise or chat about? Any new gear you are looking at or have picked up?
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I've been considering picking up a Bow Fit device. My draw is still a bit much to be able to shoot more than about 15 to 20 minutes at a time. Right now I don't have a lot of time to go shooting and we are going into winter. I want to pick something up to be able to keep working on getting bow-fit and so I can stay in shape through the winter. I know it's not as good as getting out and shooting, but I can't do that daily as it is and weekly is going to be hit and miss since it rains A Lot here.

Has anyone tried this? Thoughts? The reviews are overall pretty good. My bow is only 30# so this should give me some space to get used to the 30 and possibly work up to a 40#. I don't plan on going hunting so a 40# isn't vital but there are some sweet bows I've seen & would like to work up to eventually, but their lowest available draw is in the 40 to 50# mark.
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Here are a few Youtube videos that are impressive. Thought I'd share.

This guy is really good!

I've seen a few of Byron Ferguson's vids on Youtube, he shoots barebow and does amazing work. This was a real diamond ring, a pricey one but I can't remember how much it was worth.



Apr. 24th, 2009 09:10 pm
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Since it's still pretty quiet around here, hopefully only until DW gets up and running after the 30th, I figure I'll post a bit here & there. Once people show up hopefully they'll pick up the ball and do some posting. Besides, this will give anyone interested in the community something to check out before joining. Don't be put off by my constant posts about traditional archery, all types are welcome here & I'm only writing about my interests.

What are your preferences on quivers? back? bow? hip? Why?
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I recently ordered a couple books from 3 Rivers Archery. This was my first order with them. They've got a nice selection of traditional archery goods, books & dvds. They have product reviews on some items, which is nice to read if you aren't sure if something will work for you or not.

I haven't read the books yet (still working through 4 library books right now). The Shooting the Stickbow: A Practical Approach to Classical Archery one is a good-sized book and looks like it's very thorough. I recommend it for anyone new to the sport as well as anyone who has been shooting regularly and needs a good reference. The topics include basic equipment set up, common errors, tuning your bow, exercises, and has bowstring and arrow references among others. It's great value for money ($19.99US excluding shipping).

The other one I picked up is a thin book, very small but also packed with information. Simple Maintenance for Archery is geared towards either stick bows or compounds. It doesn't touch the bow maintenance so much as things like sights, serving, arrows, installing peepsights and kisser buttons. For a newbie like me, the sectionon waxing the string might seem "well duh" but is good to know.

3 Rivers was quick to ship and no fuss. If you shoot stickbows check out their selection of gear. If you shoot anything else check out their books & dvds or if you hunt check their treestands and blinds. If you are interested in history, SCA or anything recreation check their SCA-Medieval section. You can buy stone point knapping stuff, including blanks or already-knapped stone heads and metal trade points. They've got a nice selection of goodies.


Apr. 21st, 2009 02:57 pm
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This is my first attempt at mod'ing a community, be patient with me! A bit about me:

I'm also new at shooting. I bought my recurve bow last month and am slowly getting started. I'm shooting a 30# Greattree Mohigan with Easten Jazz aluminum arrows. I've already lost one arrow and I need to work on strength and form.

I'm interested in 3D shooting and am in New Zealand.

I hope this becomes a place for people to share their passion for their sport, a place for beginners like me to learn more and for experienced shooters to take pride in their accomplishments. And more importantly, a place you can share picts of your gear!

Kick back and enjoy.