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When I took my shooting lessons I was told that anyone of any fitness level could shoot a bow, and our club has people of all ages and even at least one member with a cane.

But I never thought about blind archerers. There are a couple on YouTube that I've seen already but want to be able to go through and pick them out and transcribe them. There's an interesting one from Haiwei that has a voice-over on how he is able to set up his shots. For now, check this one out of Haiwei (it's the clipped end of the voiceover one but I do want to transcribe it so I can post it):

It would be nice to see clubs encourage more blind archerers.

>>Transcription: mostly just bird songs but at the end a voiceover that says "excellent....excellent shooting"<<.
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Here are a few Youtube videos that are impressive. Thought I'd share.

This guy is really good!

I've seen a few of Byron Ferguson's vids on Youtube, he shoots barebow and does amazing work. This was a real diamond ring, a pricey one but I can't remember how much it was worth.



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