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I'm on an LJ community, Ye_Olde_Archery, and a recent post (with picts!) there linked to Paleoplanet. It's an interesting site if you're into ancient/traditional skills and stuff. There's a lot of stuff in the forums from archery to flint knapping to tanning to food and shelter. Take a poke around!

And for those in Pasadena, there's a traditional archery group that meets on the third Sunday monthly (unless there's a festival or something). You can go along and meet people into knapping, archery and even check out atlatls! There's more info in the Paleoplanet link under the traditional archery section.
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Since it's been a bit quiet here I thought I'd post a couple links to our local club. This is from the Massey Archery Club site. Our practice range looks a little different now, it has a concrete pad, the bales are on proper plastic pallets (which have eaten my nocks when I hit them!) and look a bit different.

Club practice range

And for those of you who don't know what field shooting is like, here are some picts of our course. Some of this is the same or similar, from what I remember when my training walk through. I haven't been on it to shoot yet, still trying to adjust my sight. field course.

We've got a shoot coming up in August, I won't be up to speed for it but maybe this time next year.
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I recently ordered a couple books from 3 Rivers Archery. This was my first order with them. They've got a nice selection of traditional archery goods, books & dvds. They have product reviews on some items, which is nice to read if you aren't sure if something will work for you or not.

I haven't read the books yet (still working through 4 library books right now). The Shooting the Stickbow: A Practical Approach to Classical Archery one is a good-sized book and looks like it's very thorough. I recommend it for anyone new to the sport as well as anyone who has been shooting regularly and needs a good reference. The topics include basic equipment set up, common errors, tuning your bow, exercises, and has bowstring and arrow references among others. It's great value for money ($19.99US excluding shipping).

The other one I picked up is a thin book, very small but also packed with information. Simple Maintenance for Archery is geared towards either stick bows or compounds. It doesn't touch the bow maintenance so much as things like sights, serving, arrows, installing peepsights and kisser buttons. For a newbie like me, the sectionon waxing the string might seem "well duh" but is good to know.

3 Rivers was quick to ship and no fuss. If you shoot stickbows check out their selection of gear. If you shoot anything else check out their books & dvds or if you hunt check their treestands and blinds. If you are interested in history, SCA or anything recreation check their SCA-Medieval section. You can buy stone point knapping stuff, including blanks or already-knapped stone heads and metal trade points. They've got a nice selection of goodies.


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