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I shoot a GreatTree Mohigan bow, currently at 30 pound draw. I love the riser, the curves of the wood and the way it is laminated. Here are a couple of artistic shots of my "baby". What about you? Do you have any shots of your favourite gear? Or feel free to post links of gear you are currently drooling over.

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It's been awhile. I've been to the range sporadically, I'm doing ok there but haven't been in about 6 weeks. :(

I've been thinking about maybe getting new limbs for my takedown recurve. I'm at a 30 pound draw but I've gotten used to it and built up some muscles so think I can go up. And that is one of the joys of having a take-down, I can switch out the limbs when it's time to change my draw. It should save me a bit of money (instead of paying for a whole new bow), although I should probably get it tuned again so it's all fit to the new weight.

And I still drool over this bow, sigh!

I've got archery-related picts to share but it's late.
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I've been considering picking up a Bow Fit device. My draw is still a bit much to be able to shoot more than about 15 to 20 minutes at a time. Right now I don't have a lot of time to go shooting and we are going into winter. I want to pick something up to be able to keep working on getting bow-fit and so I can stay in shape through the winter. I know it's not as good as getting out and shooting, but I can't do that daily as it is and weekly is going to be hit and miss since it rains A Lot here.

Has anyone tried this? Thoughts? The reviews are overall pretty good. My bow is only 30# so this should give me some space to get used to the 30 and possibly work up to a 40#. I don't plan on going hunting so a 40# isn't vital but there are some sweet bows I've seen & would like to work up to eventually, but their lowest available draw is in the 40 to 50# mark.
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I recently ordered a couple books from 3 Rivers Archery. This was my first order with them. They've got a nice selection of traditional archery goods, books & dvds. They have product reviews on some items, which is nice to read if you aren't sure if something will work for you or not.

I haven't read the books yet (still working through 4 library books right now). The Shooting the Stickbow: A Practical Approach to Classical Archery one is a good-sized book and looks like it's very thorough. I recommend it for anyone new to the sport as well as anyone who has been shooting regularly and needs a good reference. The topics include basic equipment set up, common errors, tuning your bow, exercises, and has bowstring and arrow references among others. It's great value for money ($19.99US excluding shipping).

The other one I picked up is a thin book, very small but also packed with information. Simple Maintenance for Archery is geared towards either stick bows or compounds. It doesn't touch the bow maintenance so much as things like sights, serving, arrows, installing peepsights and kisser buttons. For a newbie like me, the sectionon waxing the string might seem "well duh" but is good to know.

3 Rivers was quick to ship and no fuss. If you shoot stickbows check out their selection of gear. If you shoot anything else check out their books & dvds or if you hunt check their treestands and blinds. If you are interested in history, SCA or anything recreation check their SCA-Medieval section. You can buy stone point knapping stuff, including blanks or already-knapped stone heads and metal trade points. They've got a nice selection of goodies.


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