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Since it's still pretty quiet around here, hopefully only until DW gets up and running after the 30th, I figure I'll post a bit here & there. Once people show up hopefully they'll pick up the ball and do some posting. Besides, this will give anyone interested in the community something to check out before joining. Don't be put off by my constant posts about traditional archery, all types are welcome here & I'm only writing about my interests.

What are your preferences on quivers? back? bow? hip? Why?

I've gone with a leather back quiver (yes, the one in the icon but I've modified it slightly). I am clutzy and can trip over my own feet, I figured a hip quiver would either make it worse because it's something else I'd trip over or that I would trip, fall on my arrows and break them (while possibly injuring myself).

And leather? I love leather ;)

I didn't really think about pros and cons when I chose it, but the book I'm reading Traditional Archery by Sam Fadala covers some considerations in quiver selection. I won't go into the details like he did but will list what to think about when choosing what kind of quiver you want if you are new, or maybe if you are thinking about trying something different.

--Arrow capacity (will depend on what kind of shooting you are doing)


--Balance of the bow (both while carrying it and while shooting it)

--Shooting accuracy (loaded vs partly-loaded vs empty bow quiver, however some people are great shots with bow quivers)

--Arrow access (both while the quiver is new and when you are used to it)

--Storage of other gear (not 100% of an issue as fanny packs, backpacks or pouches work well for this too)

--Arrow protection (particularly from the elements and if you are out walking in forest/bushes)

--Overall lack of noise from the quiver itself

--Bow noise (arrow rattle from bow-mounted quivers)

--Compactness of equipment (bow-mounted quivers are a single piece of equipment on your bow)

--Noise from pulling an arrow (important for hunters, bow quivers will be quieter on average, not as big a deal for target or 3D)

--Movement from pulling an arrow (again, important for hunters; bow quivers win on this one although a down & out back quiver can also be subtle--keep in mind replacing the arrows--they could fall out depending on the bottom hole)

--General comfort during different weather conditions and weight placement considerations when fully loaded

--Safety (all are safe however bow and hip will usually lock the arrows in place better than a back quiver if you do fall)

--Protection of arrow points (again, more protection if arrows are locked in)

--Convenience (there are individual definitions of this)

--Weight of the quiver (partly depends on arrow weight, capacity and accessories)

--Quiver size

--Look (this is individual and will vary the most in all considerations, from home made pelt quivers to high tech bow quivers)

--Life of and upkeep (all quivers are long-lasting if treated right and usually don't involve a lot beyond keeping clean and dry)

Something the author didn't mention but should also come into play: cost. You don't need the most expensive quiver on the market and you can get a 2nd hand one online with a lot of life in it still. There are also some really nice hand-made leather quivers available. Realise your quiver will probably last decades at least and keep in mind your budget. You can make a working quiver with a heavy cardboard tube, some nylon webbing and duct tape if you really want to go inexpensive.

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Date: 2009-04-24 12:25 pm (UTC)
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When I did this ages ago, I did have an old hip quiver, but it never felt quite right. I'm more apt to try a back one when I start back up.


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